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Hallelujah! Design and storytelling is back. Responsive web design changes everything.

Responsive web design is nothing new. For those unfamiliar, responsive web design (RWD) is what you see practically everywhere now. It's a web design approach aimed at crafting sites that offer optimal viewing experience—easy reading and … [Read More...]

A few inexpensive stock video clips, a cool music track, some good copy, and presto, instant 60 second promo video.

Yes, it truly is that simple in this day and age. With the help of Apple Final Cut Pro, any garden variety graphic designer/copywriter like myself can morph into a video producer without too much effort. I would estimate that this little … [Read More...]

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Writing effective sales copy can’t be piecemealed. It’s all or nothing really.

A prospective client recently approached me about writing some copy for his website. He wanted me to give him a bid to improve on his selling copy. He had originally approached me about creating a new website, but for whatever reason he … [Read More...]

I’ve most definitely created a monster, and it’s name is Tony Scott.

These days, just about anyone who really wants to be a media star, or internet star rather, can be one. All it takes is a HD video camera, some decent lighting, and lots of nerve. About a year ago, I teamed with my brother Tony to create … [Read More...]

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