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The Number one with a bullet.

Saunatimes wordpress website is the brainchild of entrepreneur Glenn Auerbach whose goals is to create a high traffic informational site for sauna enthusiasts. Targeting the top four keyphrases for the niche — free sauna information, sauna party, build your own sauna, and health benefits or sauna — Zosel&Co successfully themed these phrases into title tags, URLS and content to land on page 1, position 1 for ‘free sauna information’ after only five days after the site launch.

That’s what designing a site with SEO in mind will do for you.

It’s just one of many examples of companies, individuals and organizations creating inexpensive WordPress websites.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am with the setup of my wordpress site. I think the concept (static image, static 4-5 pages, posts, and category layout) is very logical. It’s still a work in progress as farr as my content goes, but the site is like a house, shelled and roofed., maybe even sided. It’s usable and the framework is such that I can do the finish work on my own time, “ said Glenn Auerbach, Brand Makeover


After creating his original website in 2007, Jack Uldrich wanted an updated look and feel reflecting a warmer look, and new portrait photography. The updated site also featured more social media functionality, and a variety of new video feeds.

Inexpensive custom-branded blogs now the hottest marketing tool for any small business.


Powerful internet marketing capabilities — now within reach of any business.

Using WordPress, the most popular open source blogging platform, B2C or B2B businesses can operate an agile content management system that allows anyone to update content (text, images, media) so search engines will see your website as a dynamic, trusted entity. Shown above, the website is the brainchild of an entrepreneur who aims to create a high traffic informational site for sauna enthusiasts. It’s just one of many examples of companies, individuals and organizations creating websites to accomplish a variety of goals.

Whether you sell products or services, here are the advantages:

  • Inexpensive — An open source platform, you’re able to customize proven templates that function like a dream. Because we work from templates, it takes far less time to create your site. We’re not starting from scratch.
  • Sophistcated branding is easy — With WordPress you can count on having a site that is true to your brand. By customizing templates, it’s easy to make them look dynamite, with spectacular full photo backgrounds, transparency, flash slideshow widgets, and more.
  • Easy to use — Simply create your own pages and posts, and categorize them in an intuitive fashion. Complete tagging capabilities too.
  • Thousands of widgets and plugins to choose from — No matter what type of functionality you need, there are thousands of proven tools available that are easy to integrate.
  • The novice search engine marketer’s dream — Easy titling, header tags, and clean web standard css code make this platform foolproof for novice internet marketers.
  • Control your own destiny — Once your site is up and running, you’ll only need about an hour of training, and you’re off and running. Keep in mind, however, you’ll need a good keyword plan to really get yourself rolling.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am with the setup of my wordpress site. I think the concept (static image, static 4-5 pages, posts, and category layout) is very logical. It’s still a work in progress as farr as my content goes, but the site is like a house, shelled and roofed., maybe even sided. It’s usable and the framework is such that I can do the finish work on my own time.” Glenn Auerbach,

Greenbonds – an idea whose time has come.

Green wordpress website

Show your support for fueling America’s Green revolution. The historic election of Barack Obama demonstrates America’s readiness for change, but more importantly, that we can build success from the bottom up. Zosel&Co built this non-profit a WordPress website to help the organization empower ordinary Americans to be part of the solution by purchasing Federally guaranteed savings bonds that mature in ten years at a 2.9 percent interest rate compounded annually. Capital raised through Green Bonds will then be quickly and responsibly re-invested in solutions that will help restore our planet to health for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

SEO keyword strategy helps squeeze more conversions out of crowded music loops market.

When Music Producer Mike Berens created an ecommerce site to sell his huge inventory of free music loops, drum kits, and instrumentals, his challenge was just beginning. hired Zosel&Co to help him with search engine marketing: good old fashioned organic search engine optimization and a pay-per-click adwords campaign. With a well researched list of the most popular keyword phrases, Zosel&Co created all the under-the-hood on-page optimization including re-writing all the content to ensure proper keyword saturation.

Berens said, “Scott Zosel is an expert at what he does. He creatively thought out-of-the-box to market my website in a highly saturated market. My website has increased activity by 300% thanks to Scott. I highly recommend Scott if you are looking for someone that will work hard for you and will deliver incredible results.” Michael Berens

Social Media for Sales Sloths.


OK this is probably nothing new.

I have no idea what the average salesperson is up to these days. Cold-calling? Doubtful. Networking meetings? Perhaps.

If your salesperson aren’t spending a least half their time social networking (Linkedin, twitter, plaxo, facebook), they should be slapped upside the head. Granted, most Social Networking is most effective if you can sell your product or service on a nationwide or worldwide basis. But no matter, there are infinite opportunities awaiting your salesforce in the social sphere. All it takes is a little initiative.

Here are the three big reasons Social Networking should be on your agenda:

  1. Sales is a numbers game — the more contacts, the larger your sphere, the greater number of relationships a salesperson creates, the odds of success improve dramatically. Creating relationships through Social Networks is the easiest, fastest, cheapest way to get this accomplished. Period.
  2. Social Networking is king during an economic downturn — When times are tough and budgets are tight, businesses tend to look online more for solutions. And most of the outlets for information are social networks (LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, etc). This is an opportunity for salespeople to easily make meaningful connections. Forget the buzz phrases of web 2.0, social media is simply people talking, sharing and collaborating on popular online channels. And if you’ve looked at the numbers lately, it’s a significant critical mass of people.
  3. What part of FREE, FREE, FREE don’t you understand? — I hear it all too often, ‘we don’t have the time or budget’ for social media. Well, Social offer so many Free resources I can’t possibly name them all here. Free research (guestions on LinkedIn), Free advertising (commenting on blogs, posting videos on YouTube), Free access to every contact you will ever need (“get introduced” feature on LinkedIn), Free presentation tools (Slideshare), Free document posting (Scribd), Free worldwide long distance (Skype), Free enhanced search engine visibility (blogging, profiling, or commenting with your links to your site). And much, much more.

If you’re a sales manager, general manager, or small business owner and are wondering why your sales people aren’t producing, and what these people are doing with their time, perhaps you should ask them about their social networking activities.

Just a suggestion.

B2B Social Media Marketing and B2B Social Communities: three reasons why they’re a must for 2009.

After participating in discussions on LinkedIn and other social media sites, I often see lots of skepticism about the viability of social media in B2B marketing. Many B2B marketers seem to feel that social networking is more effective for major consumer brands, and will not produce results for B2B. The perception is usually, ‘I don’t use Facebook,’ or ‘I don’t get Twitter’ or simply ‘I don’t get it.’

B2B Social Marketing is one of the hottest things going right now especially in a down economy. There are strategies for practically any B2B market, particularly in technology. Technology forums, for example, were the original online social communities. Whatever your B2B brand or product happens to be, there are lots of unique ways to generate interest through social media.
A couple key strategies to consider:

  1. Create your own social community-– I’m not sure how many B2B tech companies are doing it, but some are creating their own social sites (using or other platforms) that offer forums, news, blogs and more all in one place. And the key is, getting your company’s internal people to invite customers and prospects to participate, and encouraging them to join in the conversation. You can also use twitter to help point key customers and prospects to join in.
  2. Entice participation by discussing relevant, compelling topics— How do you know what these topics are? Well, you can actually use your online community to discover what these areas of interest truly are. You can use surveys, for instance, to discover key concerns, or to generally find out what would make your community valuable.
  3. Allow the online community to control the conversation— don’t dictate it based on your marketing objectives. Continue to add new features and vehicles to your online community based on what direction your conversation is going.

Marketing vs. Sales: How Social Networking now bridges the gap.

Until recently, defining the roles of marketing and sales was simple: marketing paves the way, while sales closes the deal. The job of Marketing is to spread the word to prospects, while salespeople are tasked with following up, building key relationships, and closing deals.

Today, the line between marketing and sales is now beginning to blur as more and more salespeople are becoming astute social networkers. With social media spaces becoming more popular, salespeople and entrepreneurs all over the world are using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites to discover new markets, meet prospects directly and forge profitable new business relationships. No lead generation, branding or cold-calling required. In a sense, many salespeople are becoming their own marketers.

The sales role in social media networking — initiate and develop key relationships.

  1. Develop relationships with people who matter. There are plenty of people participating in the social media sphere who can waste a ton of your time. Once you meet someone (prospect or suspect), make sure to get up-to-date, reliable contact information to use in your ongoing email marketing.
  2. Comment on key industry blogs, post links, and keep close watch on others who comment.
  3. Continue to build your sphere of influence. As a good social networker, be sure to invite connections to join you on other social sites, and request that your connections introduce you to others that may need your product or services.

The marketing role in social media networking — help salespeople plan, execute and measure their efforts.

  1. Work with your salesforce to create a blog and share ideas about your industry. Share your recent posts within your social media spaces, and invite comments.
  2. Keep salespeople focused — because some salespeople are not detail oriented, they may tend to overlook focused on the wrong social networking strategiesomment on blogs that are hot within your marketing space. Keep your identity present in your market at all times.
  3. Search Twithority and other social sources to uncover key influencers and leaders on the most important social sites. For example, creating a relationship with a YouTube user who has several thousands views on his/her videos, or making friends with someone who has thousands of connections on LinkedIn is valuable social currency, so to speak.

Keep in mind, however, this strategy may not be relevant to your situation, as each social media strategy is unique.

BRI Associates: an inexpensive branded website in less than two weeks.

BRI & Associates, Inc. is a Search and Recruitment Firm specializing in providing Wisconsin companies superior accounting talent acquisitions. Principal Lisa Bock had a tight budget and a tight timeframe, and Zosel&Co delivered a polished new look, searchable title tags, and peace of mind.

Pay Per Click Advertising: four reasons why it’s a marketer’s best friend during a recession.


As advertising budgets get slashed here in 2009, there’s one area that you might want to spend a few dollars on, even if you have never spent money on it before. Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), Paid Search, Search Engine Marketing, Adwords or whatever you know it as, offers some immediate benefits to companies in need of website traffic, lead generation, or just some really helpful market research.

  1. Pay Per Click Commands Generous ROI — In 2007, according to Marketing Sherpa, online marketers ranked PPC and email marketing as one of the most profitable channels with the highest ROI. AdWords can average five times stronger ROI than other online marketing channels, including email marketing.
  2. Instant Targeted Traffic — If you have a new website, PPC ads are your best bet. Invest a minimum of $100 a month, and PPC gives you immediate traffic which can help generate sales right away. While organic site optimization (SEO) offers long-term benefits, its bottom-line results can take months or years.
  3. Test your website, landing pages, or promotional offers — The moment your PPC brings traffic, you’ll have immediate feedback about your site’s effectiveness. You’ll know your convertion rates for sales and leads, which pages generate the most interest, and above all, you’ll know your site’s bounce rate — the key metric that tells you if viewers are abandoning your site after viewing one page.
  4. Branding — If you’re simply looking to put your company name in front of your target audience, PPC also works quite sell. For every click you buy, PPC exposes your brand’s name, message and offerings to the most qualified prospects, not just to everyone. But make sure your branding has a measurable conversion goal, like an email sign-up.