Connectic: branded in a heartbeat.

Connectic Media

Connectic is a leading provider of rich media tools for all content repositories and intelligent storage systems. Tools that allow media to move. Zosel&Co designed the brand and web interface for the company whose suite of software tools allow intelligent management of rich media to be brought to any software package or storage system. Their tools allow video and image transcoding, document conversion services, video streaming server integration and more to be seamlessly added to an existing enterprise content repository. manage your entire IT network from anywhere. is the newest initiative from Shavlik Technologies that will essentially make all of Shavlik’s security, configuration and network management tools available as online applications. Now in beta testing, Zosel&Co worked with Shavlik’s development team, designing all of the new site’s interface graphics, branding, icons, and a flash intro. Shavlik’s goal is to register 10,000 users for the new online network management solutioion by mid 2010.

Washburn Connections: major branding turnaround for rebounding urban high school.

WHS internet marketing and social media

Washburn High School in South Minneapolis had enjoyed a proud tradition as an excellent public school for nearly a century. In the late 1990s, facing budget cuts and drops in enrollment, Washburn also faced a branding crisis..its reputation was at stake. The Washburn Foundation approached Zosel&Co about helping provide internet marketing assistance on a pro-bono basis, and we came to the rescue and helped develop

A full featured WordPress website, Washburn Connections is dedicated to helping all Millers, young and old alike, learn more about what’s going on at Washburn High School, especially all the new developments already underway. The site offers find tons of good info and fun facts about the school, and allows needed two-way communications with it’s blog and social media capabilities.

Phenomenal Facebook Success

In addition to providing branding and site development, we also helped establish a powerful facebook presence that encouraged countless Alumni to join in the effort to revitalize the school. The facebook group gained over 1,000 members in less than a month and contributed to the success of a huge fundraising event late last Fall. The site and facebook presence will serve a foundation for all future marketing and fundraising efforts in 2010.

Facebook for Washburn

Go Millers! Brand Makeover


After creating his original website in 2007, Jack Uldrich wanted an updated look and feel reflecting a warmer look, and new portrait photography. The updated site also featured more social media functionality, and a variety of new video feeds.

BRI Associates: an inexpensive branded website in less than two weeks.

BRI & Associates, Inc. is a Search and Recruitment Firm specializing in providing Wisconsin companies superior accounting talent acquisitions. Principal Lisa Bock had a tight budget and a tight timeframe, and Zosel&Co delivered a polished new look, searchable title tags, and peace of mind.

Rockford Inc: letter perfect brand development.

Rockford Inc. is a Minneapolis base property management firm that manages condo and apartment complexes throughout the great metro area. Zosel&Co designed a new brand for the company the incorporates Principal Pete Rocheford initials P and R together in one symbol. The brand was incorporated across all collateral, stationery, business cards, website and more.

Puertas Abiertas: a brand with hispanic appeal.

Serving a growing market of Hispanics in the Minneapolis seeking home mortgages, bilingual Mortgage Broker hired Zosel&Co to develop a branded identity with Mexican cultural iconography to provide a welcoming atmosphere in their storefront on West Lake street, as well through collateral, ads and more.

Media Anywhere

Helped create a new brand strategy for an emerging technology solution called MediaAnywhere™ that allows customers to create and manage a comprehensive digital publishing operation from creation through delivery.

Solutia: a great brand with a selling proposition to back it up.

Solutia needed a stronger, and more descriptive brand that would speak to corporate management prospects who were accustomed to dealing exclusively with ‘big 6 consulting firms,’ but perhaps might be looking for a smaller firm who could deliver the same expertise at more competitively priced fees. Zosel&Co’s proven processes helped Solutia find the optimum messaging to grow the company to nearly $7 million in revenue today.

Dan Ferris: unique brand for unique realtor.

Dan Ferris has been a top-performing Realtor in the south Minneapolis area for the better part of 20 years. Zosel&Co created a unique new identity and postcard campaign the he uses to successfully market to customers, prospects, friends, friends of friends, essentially what he terms ‘his sphere.’ Dan has used this method, along with his magnetic personality, for years to help people buy and sell homes, and add a little bit of sanity to a chaotic process.