Channelwize hits the ground running with new brand, new website.

Channelwize helps major brands boost sales by persuading dealers to invest in promoting their products. They offer co-op marketing programs that help them leverage budgets with more marketing muscle than they thought they could afford.

Dealers get a comprehensive, geographically targeted Web Marketing program that’s easy and affordable. Marketers get increased sales from dealers who are focused on promoting their brand.

With Channelwize, everybody wins.

You don't mess with the Chief Alchemist.

The world of organizational development is serious business. As a Chief Alchemist, Laura Delavie works with America’s corporate leaders and teams to help them improve their ability to deliver sustainable growth. No small feat. By moving people to think and act differently, she helps her clients develop strategies, lead change, improve communication, increase organizational effectiveness and drive innovative efforts forward.

And that’s just before 9 am.

Zosel&Co helped Ms. Delavie create her first wordpress site so she can spread the word about her organizational leadership consulting organization. Playing the on “alchemy” theme that reflects change and transformation, the ALCEMIS goal is to help leaders build on the values of authenticity, leadership, creativity, risk-taking, value and innovation. But sometimes this serious endeavor means fun and games, like LEGO® Serious Play™. Check our her site for more information.

WorldFoods: from web virgin to WordPress devotee.

Most food products can be sold through traditional distribution channels without a hitch. When they can’t, Jeff Mattheis of  World Foods can help. World Foods helps food manufacturers who have over-run inventories, or hard to place products, find the distribution channels to sell their products. Mattheis came to Zoselco this Spring looking for an nicely branded website that would tell their story, and help convince food manufacturers that World Foods could help them find profitable destinations for their products.

World Foods had never had a web presence previously, but will now use the site to promote a variety of current product offerings, also in conjunction with aggressive email communications. Just another example of WordPress offering a viable business solution at a very competitive cost.

Building a custom CMS: whatever you do, please don’t try this at home.

Custom CMS Development

Client’s lofty ambitions create search engine lovable tourist portal, but one heck of a complicated CMS.

Open source Content Management Systems (CMS) are fine for the vast majority of marketing websites in today’s world. Not so for Visit Minneapolis North, a convention visitors bureau targeting Minneapolis’ Northern most suburbs. Working with full-service agency partner IANinc, we helped design and manage this mammoth 50+ page portal-style visitors guide from the ground up, ensuring that it will boost the company’s search engine rankings, and it revenue. Pulling from both an internal CMS database and external Customer Relationship Management (CRM) the site is packed with every marketing feature you can think of (and then some):

  • Create custom promotions and discount coupons that link to their partners
  • Custom calendar that’s searchable by event type
  • Highly complex RFP system tied into its CRM that sends notifications to partners and staff
  • Complete control over every feature on the site from a simple to use dashboard manage your entire IT network from anywhere. is the newest initiative from Shavlik Technologies that will essentially make all of Shavlik’s security, configuration and network management tools available as online applications. Now in beta testing, Zosel&Co worked with Shavlik’s development team, designing all of the new site’s interface graphics, branding, icons, and a flash intro. Shavlik’s goal is to register 10,000 users for the new online network management solutioion by mid 2010. rebranded product line and ecommerce store.

In the past year, Zosel&Co has entered into a marketing agreement with Nurish, a health foods and greens supplements  startup manufacturer. As part of the partnership, Zosel&Co has created new branding, packaging design, and an e-commerce website that is now selling a complete line of health supplements online. In 2004, Nurish was the first to distribute a major ”greens” blend in North America. A blend known for its sweet, minty-tasting flavor and its high concentration of dried fruits and vegetables. The blend was an instant success. So much so, that within one year it became their #1 selling dietary supplement.

TJ Conley: a WordPress natural.

tj conley employment blog website

As simple as we think WordPress is, often times it takes a bit of training for some folks to really understand how to use this intuitive blogging and content management system. Not so for Employment Attorney TJ Conley. We designed and developed this simple WordPress website in less than a week, and had him up and blogging in record time.

Washburn Connections: major branding turnaround for rebounding urban high school.

WHS internet marketing and social media

Washburn High School in South Minneapolis had enjoyed a proud tradition as an excellent public school for nearly a century. In the late 1990s, facing budget cuts and drops in enrollment, Washburn also faced a branding crisis..its reputation was at stake. The Washburn Foundation approached Zosel&Co about helping provide internet marketing assistance on a pro-bono basis, and we came to the rescue and helped develop

A full featured WordPress website, Washburn Connections is dedicated to helping all Millers, young and old alike, learn more about what’s going on at Washburn High School, especially all the new developments already underway. The site offers find tons of good info and fun facts about the school, and allows needed two-way communications with it’s blog and social media capabilities.

Phenomenal Facebook Success

In addition to providing branding and site development, we also helped establish a powerful facebook presence that encouraged countless Alumni to join in the effort to revitalize the school. The facebook group gained over 1,000 members in less than a month and contributed to the success of a huge fundraising event late last Fall. The site and facebook presence will serve a foundation for all future marketing and fundraising efforts in 2010.

Facebook for Washburn

Go Millers!

Looking to generate leads on the internet? You may not need a website.


Many small businesses looking to connect with new customers via the internet share a very common misconception about internet marketing. They believe the solution to lead generation is paying a web developer to build a search engine friendly website that will attract their prize customers, and close the sale.

Makes sense, right? Wrong.

When it comes to truly effective lead generation (B2B or B2C), a well-designed landing page system connected with a highly targeted paid search (adwords, PPC) campaign is the magic bullet that most business owners really need. If all you’re after is reaching as many customers as possible for the lowest cost, shelling out big bucks to build a website doesn’t really make sense.

For example, a few months back, we were approached by home realtor who was bound and determined to build a new website that targeted his area of town, and promoted his firm’s unique home buying and selling specialties. And, as usual in this down economy, his budget was as tight as they come. His expectation for a search engine friendly website that would meet all his lead generation needs for a tight budget was way off base. Long story short, we built the site for him, but sadly, his budget was not sufficient to really get his site rolling. 

A few weeks later, we were approached by another small business looking to accomplish the same objective: generate targeted leads from specific Twin Cities are zip codes for very specific promotional offers. And then we had an epiphany:

 this guy just wants leads. Why waste his time and money building a website? The client was an established home handyman business, looking to generate leads for small home repair and remodeling projects. So this is what we recommended:

  • Create a Google Adwords campaign targeting Minneapolis Western Suburban Zip Codes using ads and keywords promoting their capabilities and testing special promotional offers.
  • Create a series of specific landing pages each connected to specific ads, each with appropriate conversion forms.

Done deal. The home handyman’s adwords campaign and landing page system were up and generating leads within 10 days. No fuss, no muss. Here are the other advantages of our adwords/landing page internet lead generation system:

  1. Low upfront cost – a fraction of the cost of building an entire website dedicated to promoting your business.
  2. Start generating leads immediately – total project time is less than 10 days.
  3. Change on-the-fly marketing – change promotions, ads and landing pages in a heartbeat, at very little cost.
  4. Precision targeting – create a unique combination of ads and landing pages targeted by geography and demographics.

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Julia Auerbach, professional wedding photo blog.

Photoblog for professional photograher

Julia Auerbach is a professional hoping to share with you what happens behind her lens with this simple photo blog powered by WordPress. Julia is focused on the professional wedding photography marker in the Minneapolis, MN as well as other Minnesota Communities. What the site brings to you is a permanent record of all the beauty and emotion that is revealed and all the hidden nuances that last a mere moment.