rebranded product line and ecommerce store.

In the past year, Zosel&Co has entered into a marketing agreement with Nurish, a health foods and greens supplements  startup manufacturer. As part of the partnership, Zosel&Co has created new branding, packaging design, and an e-commerce website that is now selling a complete line of health supplements online. In 2004, Nurish was the first to distribute a major ”greens” blend in North America. A blend known for its sweet, minty-tasting flavor and its high concentration of dried fruits and vegetables. The blend was an instant success. So much so, that within one year it became their #1 selling dietary supplement.

Shi Shu Style: Simple, Inexpensive e-Commerce Store.

Shi-Shu Style E-commerce website

When opportunity knocks, you better be ready. Hudson Wisconsin Entrepreneur Tamre Sutphen had desgned an elegant new line of hand-crafted Bamboo/Cotton blankets that are soft to the touch, yet free of unnatural and chemically treated fibers. She needed an e-commerce presence immediately to help fill orders from demanding distributors. ZoselCo helped create a simple store using Yahoo Commerce in less than two weeks on a very tight budget.

Hell hath no fury like a woman with nothing to wear. is a virtual personal styling service and soon to be an internet marketer of apparel and accessories for busy females ages 35-55. The site will feature a complete online store allowing customers to shop for individual items or complete accessorized collections.