A print ad in this day and age? Well, sort of.

As our client Unimax is about to launch an exciting new product, we helped them create a teaser email that they’ll blast to their mailing list today previewing the upcoming announcement. It was fun, partly because it was reminiscent of the days when we cranked out print ads on what seemed like a daily basis. Real old school formula — headline, visual, killer copy.

With print seemingly near extinction, there are not many requests for marketing and design calling for this unique skill set. Is it a dying art? Or will it make a comeback? In Unimax’s case, it will definitely get the job done.



Shavlik Print Ad Campaigns 2002-present.

Some great branding ads created for Shavlik Technologies over the years that have help them emerge as the #1 player in the IT security, and network configuration management software industry. Give company founder Mark Shavlik a lot of credit for having a lot of vision and bold attitude toward marketing his company. These ads are a testament to his marketing savvy.

August 2002 -- A virtual unknown in the security patch management market, Shavlik chose to make a bold statement with their first major branding ad. Principal Mark Shavlik was a bit nervous about the direction, but did not regret it later as brand recognition improved steadily, and lead generation improved.

October 2002 --This appears to be a fairly standard corporate ad, but it caused quite a stir in the IT industry, particularly with the target audience -- Network Administrators. It seemed unbelievable to admins that such attractive young ladies could be found in the IT environment, wearing such fetching attire. As it turned out, the attention was good for brand recognition.

January 2003 --This ad is a testament to the marketing genius of Mark Shavlik. Mark felt offering a fully functional version of the flagship HFNetChkPro (up to 100 users) was a sure fire way to hook the industry on Shavlik's Network Security Product. By July 2003, sales for HFNetChkPro were approaching $15 million. Not bad.

September 2003 --Pictures of attractive women. If it worked once, could it work again? Turns out, Network Admins approved. And sales kept soaring.

October 2003 --Shavlik needed an impactful ad to promote its Security Services Group. Who could ignore a mug like this?

November 2004 --Now that Shavlik had the attention of its primary target audience, Network Admins, the branding strategy was to continue to show them that we understood their daily problems, and could offer a simple solution.

November 2004 --More of the same: we feel your pain. And here's a way to solve it.

Shavlik: direct mail with a pitch you can’t beat.

This is an example of dozens of direct mail pieces that Zosel&Co designed and produced for Shavlik Technologies, the industry leader in computer security software for MS Windows networks. The pitch is always simple: we understand the grind of your tedious job and here’s how to save a few bucks while doing it.

First National Community Bank Ad Campaign.

print advertising and direct mail

This small community bank just across the Mississippi River headquartered in Hudson, WI needed a branding and direct marketing campaign to reach out to commuters who would normally bank in the Twin Cities, and convince them to bank closer to home, where they could expect good old fashioned service.

bank ad campaign

Solutia: a great brand with a selling proposition to back it up.

Solutia needed a stronger, and more descriptive brand that would speak to corporate management prospects who were accustomed to dealing exclusively with ‘big 6 consulting firms,’ but perhaps might be looking for a smaller firm who could deliver the same expertise at more competitively priced fees. Zosel&Co’s proven processes helped Solutia find the optimum messaging to grow the company to nearly $7 million in revenue today.

Dan Ferris: unique brand for unique realtor.

Dan Ferris has been a top-performing Realtor in the south Minneapolis area for the better part of 20 years. Zosel&Co created a unique new identity and postcard campaign the he uses to successfully market to customers, prospects, friends, friends of friends, essentially what he terms ‘his sphere.’ Dan has used this method, along with his magnetic personality, for years to help people buy and sell homes, and add a little bit of sanity to a chaotic process.

Preferred One: lean and mean direct marketing.

If a traditional employee healthcare plan is the full meal deal, Preferred One’s offering of a low premium, higher deductible plan is a way to offer employers a way to save money, and get more bang for their buck. With a small promotion budget and a need to break through to HR Directors, this unique 3-D direct mail piece helps Preferred One spread the word about new healthplan.

United Healthcare: prove it or you’re outa here.

Direct mail piece for United Healthcare with a simple sales pitch: if we can’t show you how we can save you money on healthcare in 20 minutes or less, simply show us the door. We’ll even give you a free stopwatch and a free breakfast to boot. The campaign was designed for independent reps of United Healthcare across the United States.

Allan Block: direct mail built on a solid foundation.

Direct mail channel marketing

Allan Block is manufacturer of elegant paving stones sold through nurseries, landscape centers and many other retail distribution channels across the United States. Zosel&Co created this dealer coop direct mail program that allows Allan Block’s dealers to personalize these direct mailers and distribute them to their local market. It was a rock solid program, to say the least.

Sage Software: dealer coop direct mail.

Sage Software Direct Mail

The world’s #1 manufacturer of PC based accounting software, Sage had two very important goals: increase sales of its MAS90 accounting product and boost participation of its large reseller base. TechBranders created a wide variety of Coop Direct Mail programs that generated more than 10,000 leads in the first year. Campaigns were directed at a variety of vertical and horizontal B2B markets in the U.S.