Discover how our past can help your future.


The past: Since 1988, Minneapolis, MN based Zosel&Co has helped clients create stylish, yet persuasive advertising, direct marketing and branding campaigns. Doing that requires great strategy, copywriting and design — the three core skills we’ve used for over 20 years to create great campaigns, regardless of medium or market. Click here to see examples.

The present: Because so many companies market exclusively on the internet, our focus has shifted steadily toward internet marketing since it really took off in the last decade. And for good reason. You can target with razor like precision and slice your budget to the bone if necessary. Today we offer a full complement of internet marketing solutions from email to search engine and beyond. We still do print too, by the way. Click here to see internet marketing work.

The future: No matter what perplexing marketing task is on your plate, we can help you use the internet or print to get fantastic results.