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About Scott Zosel:

A true jack of all trades, and master of more than you could imagine.

Scott Zosel began his marketing journey as a journalist over 30 years ago, writing for trade journals, PR firms, and eventually made his way into the world of advertising for some small shops in Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN area. Through lots of hard work learning the nuts and bolts of strategic planning, he carved out a niche as an ace B2B ad copywriter for a fairly large twin-cities agency, crafting many notable print campaigns while learning the design side of the business from top notch art directors.

A strange journey indeed.

With design and marketing planning his first loves, Scott was forced to make his way in the marketing world on the merits of his disciplined writing style, and attention to detail, deadlines, and results.

Barely ten years into his career in 1988, Scott found the ad agency environment a little too confining. Hearing time and again from agency superiors, that ‘you’re a writer, leave the design to the art directors and the planning to account guys’ Scott went off on his own and founded Zosel and Company (now Zoselco). Only in his own shop would he be able to serve clients and wear as many hats as would satisfy him.

The times they were ‘a changin.’

With the emergence of inexpensive Apple Macintosh Computers in the early 1990s, Zosel threw down some hard-earned cash and purchased an Apple Quadra 600. With his new found desktop publishing toy, Zosel was able to multi-task as the writer/designer he had always dreamed of being, to be able to noodle concepts on a notepad and then execute ads, colateral or direct mail, all without interference from agency superiors. And all to the satisfaction of many great clients who loved this ‘high-touch’ streamlined approach to creative marketing.

Sage Software Direct Mail

Zosel was not alone for long, however. The buttoned down, results driven approach attracted new clients and the company grew to half dozen employees, through boom and bust times, with technology rapidly advancing through the likes of Mac Quadras, Power PCs, G3s, G4s, G5s and such. By the year 2,000, the internet was beginning to take a stranglehold on the marketing world.

The writing was on the wall that traditional print marketing would soon be a thing of the past.

Today’s classic internet marketing guru.

With countless sites to his credit, Zosel’s promise is: ‘If you want to brand, promote or sell using the internet, I can show you how in 30 minutes or less.’ When it comes to strategy, technical know-how, or one-on-one service, no one can take you from point A to B faster, delivering such an elegant solution. From design and content strategy to full-0n Search Engine Marketing, ZoselCo is a force to be reckoned with, for virtually any internet marketing challenge.

Notable feats:

  • Shavlik Technologies – helped this small internet security software company increase sales from $1.8 million to over $15 million in six months and become an industry leader in the security software space. CEO Mark Shavlik said: ‘People write books about the business growth our company achieved. Zosel was a driving force.’
  • Caplan Law – helped this Minneapolis criminal defense firm use the internet to find customers using search engine marketing to net over $100,000 in sales during the first year after re-tooling their under-performing website.
  • VisitMinneapolisNorth – This is one for the books, one of the most intensive custom content management systems built around powerful search engine strategy.

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