Internet Marketing: leads go up, costs go down. Way, way down.


A beautifully branded website with powerful lead generation capabilities. The good news: now any company can afford the same powerful internet marketing tools that, until recently, only fortune 500 companies could afford. From search engine marketing to email marketing and beyond, Zosel&Co can help you put together an effective internet marketing program that will generate new customers, and pay for itself.

Drive traffic to your site with:

  • Search Engine Optimization – Getting your site ranked #1 with Google, MSN or Yahoo is a must. Find out why this is not as difficult or expensive as you would imagine.
  • Pay-Per-Click Search Marketing – Buying keywords is perfect for any company that needs leads, but wants to stick to a budget. Find out how you can start generating leads for as little as $100 a month.
  • Email marketing to your in-house lists – Sending regular email newsletters and offers is an inexpensive way to turn propsects into customers, and customers into repeat customers.
  • Banner advertising – If you’re looking to make a splash, you can place banners on a per impression basis and generate some high quality leads.