The world is in love with WordPress, and for good reason. It brings a stylish, affordable marketing site within reach of anyone.

WordPress is the fastest growing CMS and blogging platform on the planet, hands down. With over 40 million users and counting, it’s easy-to-use interface and simple-to-customize platform make it ideal for any size business looking for an affordable means of marketing on the web. With a worldwide base of open source developers constantly creating thousands of themes and plugins, the platform has reached a critical mass of users and developers beyond any competing platform like joomla, drupal, symphony and others. It’s not even close.


Built in four days, start to finish.

More about marketing and design, less about technology.

As designers and internet marketers, Zosel&Co has always aspired to create clean design on the internet in an easy, efficient manner. With WordPress, the whole process can be completed in less than a week if necessary. Plus you can add tons of great social marketing features, have complete control over your site layout with using a number of drag drop widgets. Create new pages, use easy dropdown menus, and much more. Five years ago, the features offered in wordpress could have cost thousands. Now most of those are free.

Here’s why clients love it:

Zosel&Co develops all websites with WordPress’ easy-to-use interface that allows you to change content anytime, anywhere. You can update content in specific sections such as photo galleries, articles, blogs, new products, and much more. It’s a long-term solution that allows you to adapt your site to your changing business.

  • Connect with social media opportunities.
  • Boost search rankings: building a growing database of content helps dramatically improve your visibility with Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Save time and money: stop paying web developers’ fees to make simple changes you can easily make yourself.
  • Never lose a lead: automatically capture all prospect data safely inside an easy-to-access database.