Thermal Remediation

“Since we launched our new website, we have had a huge influx of highly qualified leads for our diverse product line. If you need a true internet marketing machine, ZoselCo can get the job done, no doubt.”Gregory Grabow, Thermal Remediation, Temp-Air Sales Manager

Making sense of complicated a situation.
TEMP-AIR had a new line of products to promote, all with different benefits to different prospects, each in vastly different markets. Plus they needed to start generating leads immediately. Using simple brand planning processes, Zosel & Company helped the marketing and sales team at Temp-Air sort out the different features and benefits, and create a website that communicated to three very different prospect groups. The result over 50 highly qualified leads in a short four month. The site also featured a easy-to-use content management system so the staff could contribute to a Resource Center for press releases, articles, and more.

Fresh Content attracts search engines —
With the ability to add content, the Thermal Remediation site picked up additional traffic from prospects looking for their products.

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